Welcome the Summers with proper planning!!

Summer is the season of flatness. Showing off your smooth skin and pimple free face is the goal of everyone. A golden tan is a dream come true. A better skin care is the key to fabulous skin. SPF is something one should wear every day. With sensitive skin, minimal exposure to the sun to UV rays may cost you a lot. Those lazy days of winters are over. Now find some good summer tips to stay healthy.

1. Stay Hydrated everytime

Drink plenty of water every day but when going out in sunny weather, never forget to carry bottle full of water. Always try to prevent dehydration. Drink water before and after the exercise. As water is the purifier to your body which does the removal of toxins from the body and purifies the blood by improving circulation of it.

2. Sunscreen

Say yes to SPF 15 or above sunscreens. The layers of sunscreen act as bodyguard to your skin. Even coconut oil is a good natural sunscreen. Say no to sunscreen and get an unwanted chance to meet sunburn. Sunscreen helps your skin to get the necessary amount of vitamin D without the damaging effects of UV rays.

3. Exfoliate your body

Our body sheds millions of skin cells in a day and when those dead cells start piling up on the surface of the skin the dullness dryness stays along with that, no matter whatever you apply whether moisturiser or soap, it is never going to get away. It leads to clogging of pores and excess oil resulting acne. But a good scrub can help you out as it not only cleans the pile of dead skin cells but also improves blood circulation giving you healthy and glowing skin. Keep exfoliating of a body in routine - twice a week and after that apply moisturiser to a body.

4. Pedicure/ Manicure

These both are the beauty treatments for the feet and toenails/ fingernails and hands. Regular manicure and pedicure make your hands look younger and maintain the well-moisturised cuticles leading to faster growth of nails. The good manicure will clean and shape your nails and also reduces the development of fungi and other infections. It even fosters the blood circulation resulting in a glow.

5. Shave / Wax

Wax and shaving both are for unwanted hair removal. But waxing is more painful and expensive than shaving. Shaving comes with lots of comforts, less time consuming and get set go choice. But it is been noticed that hair grows early when shaved and comes thicker while in wax, the hair takes 20 days to regrow while when shaved, it takes 10 days. The hair is pulled out by the strips from the roots during waxing which is the reason for less, thin and finer hair every time you get your waxing done.

6. Lip balm

Always go for a lip balm with SPF 15. It is possible to forget to take care of lips from exposure of the sun. The sun’s UV rays can make your lips look patchy, dried and dark.

7. Minimal makeup

During summers, one should go for natural makeup and very less eye makeup. If you intend to use foundation then also apply face powder with SPF to avoid the patchy skin.

8. Shade shades under the shade

The peak sun hours are between 11 to 4 pm. Whenever going to hang out during these hours carry an umbrella, wear shades and a hat to protect your eyes and body from sunburn.

9. Use Moisturiser

Keep your skin moisturised every time. Use a good brand of moisturiser or a natural moisturiser so to have a healthy and rejoice skin and face.

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