Really, Music is a pleasing therapy which not only influences our soul but also enlightens our heart. After burning midnight oil throughout the day, music works as an antidote against stress and tiredness. Generally, when it comes to Music, certain songs top the charts in our playlist. Have you ever thought, how songs get easily stuck to our mind and why we keep on singing those songs throughout the day?

You might be assuming that the songs are popular and getting a lot of radio play. Yes, you are on the right track but facts prove that there are a certain additional melody factor which makes a song glued to your mind. And because of these melodies you are able to identify the song even before the song is played.

Ultimately, the songs with high pitch tempo, with soothing melody factors and some unique components becomes our favorite and gets easily agglutinated to our mind and generates positivity in an individual. I am sure that you must have not forgotten the melody of “Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star”, exactly, the reason is simple that the phrases are melodious and it just makes you feel elated.

This Is How You Can Get A Song Out Of Your Mind

If you are really frustrated with a song and want to strike it off from your mind, follow these simple steps:

  1. Engage with the song you listen the most.
  2. Just Think about or listen to another song to distract yourself
  3. It’s easier said, than done. But still, we can try not to think about it.

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