It is the digital world at last. From shopping to getting a ride, from having your belly full to taking notes, you are just a click away from all your problems.
Digitalization has perhaps affected the students most of all. Where the parents find it extremely complex, students can learn the what and the how of an android phone more easily than ever.
In fact, it is almost a common sight to see little children now engrossed in those big screen iphones and androids.

But with everyone learning on how to conquer the operation of a phone and browsing through internet, are you learning in the best possible way?

There are millions and millions of apps in Google Playstore and once in it, you might be lost. You might not know the brilliant and the best out of it all. Especially for a student.

So, today, we are going to tell you about some of the best apps in the Playstore that every STUDENT must have.
Let’s have a go with them.

Alarmy:  While it may sound like any other alarm clock app, it is not. It comes with a twist. It requires the user to do certain things in order for the ringing of the alarm to stop. You might have to click a picture or shake the phone until it stops ringing. All that will happen when you are heavily in the middle of a sleep. It is bound to wake you up.

Price: `160 on iOS and `165 on Android.

 Free Alternative: Rocket Alarm.

WolfRam|Alpha:  You might have heard of this one. Want a mathematical problem be solved? Here’s the answer. Not only that, it will also show you the steps. It uses its vast collection of data and generates the best results of all. Not only that, it covers a wide range of subjects. Lucky catch for the students!

Price: Free with some paid features. Available on: iOS and Android.

Dropbox:  An app which is proving beneficial to many students nowadays, Dropbox does the job of keeping all the notes and study material in ONE place. That way, you might never have to fear about their location or the fact that they will get deleted accidentally someday. It is like the Google Drive in disguise for all the studious students out there!

Price: Free. Available on: iOS and Android.

Selfcontrol: The name is enough to let you know what this app is about. It will block some particular websites for a given amount of time and then it schedules or plans their routine for multiple days to help the students concentrate. Quite a handy app if you feel you are getting addicted to a game or something.

Price: Free. Available on: iOS and Android.

Trello: You may not have heard of this one. It is a project management app that can be handled by more than one user. The user feeds the phone with tasks and it jots them down. What’s more, it can also make it public so that the required person can assign someone with the task and the due date.

Price: Free. Available on: iOS and Android.

Ridlr: No, it is not a Riddler. Rather, it saves a lot of your time by providing you with real time information on bus, metro and train timings with cancellations, delays and alternative suggestions for transport. Everything. It is real handy if you spend most of your time travelling.

Price: Free. Available on: Android.

Dunno: It is similar to Trello. It also helps you note down things. But it is related to things you want to know or research. Hence, it is a ‘research-it-later’ app. It is quite useful for those who have had quite a lot of amazing ideas all day but didn’t have the time to research more about it.
So, if any great world-changing idea stumbles upon your brain, do jot it down with Dunno!

Price: Free. Available on: iOS.

So, make sure you are using these apps. It is bound to be of great help to you.




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