The Weirdest Fashion Trends For You.

Fashion can be called a funny thing. On one side if there are certain styles or looks that you are confident of always looking fantastic. However there are many people who kind of ignore the latest trends and make their own signature style, and trust me that’s great. However you need to maintain a delicate balance between staying on trend and keeping your own style because sometimes you can look like a fashion victim if you blindly follow each and every trend especially the ones that are weird and even more hard to pull off.

However we have shortlisted some of the weirdest fashion trends for you.

1. Detachable Jeans :

They should be called awful jeans instead of detachable jeans. In such jeans the legs can be detached to create awful shorts and believe you me they definitely look like denim panties instead of shorts. It is one of the most bizarre fashion trend.

2. Underboobs :

We have seen times when certain necklines were more in style, times when it was chic and in trend to cover up your chest entirely and show off your back, It is all a matter of playing around with cuts and dimensions. But to our surprise what seems to be one of the biggest trends actually focuses on something that was formerly considered a fashion a faux pas the mighty underboob. Rather than flaunting cleavage in the traditional way, many starlets on the Many red carpet celebrities have opted to amp up their style quotient by showing some serious underboob. However to be frank it still kind of seems like a mistake that they failed to rectify or find out.

3. Full Matching Track Suits :

This fashion trend is definitely proof of fashion’s cyclical nature. There was a time some years back when every celebrity and page 3 famous personalities rocked those Juicy Couture matching tracksuits, the ones those came in pastel shades and those tracksuits should be clothing that you wear only in the house whenever you want to be comfortable but it seems that those tracksuits are trending once again.

4. 2 faced Shoes :

We understand that many people are willing to go a bit more trendy and fashion-forward with their shoes and footwear as an attractive and bold shoe can lift the appearance of a neutral outfit, but this awkward footwear trend might be taking things too far. It doesn’t look like a good idea to take a regular boot and add another boot at the back of it. This one according to us is the weirdest trend ever witnessed by humans.

5. Crocs :

Although Crocs disappeared few years back they have again staged a come back when designer Christopher Kane at a London fashion show paired his delicate flowy dresses with rubber clogs. There were crocs that were embellished with stones.

6. Fishnet :

Fishnet dresses have been in fashion since long but having fishnets under your pair of ripped jeans is something new and this trend too has gone viral.

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