How big is the internet, would you say?

 Probably the best answer comes as ‘GOOGLE’.

Yes, the universe of Internet, Google provides you with everything that you need to find out.

But sometimes finding out what you want to is easier than finding out the where.
Yes, the source is very difficult these days.
You have a millions of websites offering you answer so you don’t know which way to turn.
Worry not, for today, we are going to make you aware and fill your ‘Google Brain’ with some of these most awesome websites that we KNOW you would not have heard of till today.

Let us venture!

10. CoolMath-Games: This website looks like it was made in the 90’s but don’t move ahead yet! It attracts 13 million visitors per month. That is twice the population visited by

9. MetroLyrics: The idea place to go for song lyrics, this website has more than over 14.5 million people checking it out every month! I know where to go next time when I cannot seem to comprehend that new song of Wiz Khalifa.

8. HubPages: The website you turn to, for ‘everyday experts’. It attracts over 15 million unique visitors every month! That is MORE than myspace and Cnet.

7. Legacy: As the name suggests, this website is all about obituaries and tributes. So make sure you visit this website. It is the Wikipedia of all the obituaries and has more than 16 million people visitng the website every month.

6. DailyMotion: Now you might have heard of this one, to be honest. The second best in line, after YouTube, this website is apt for watching and seeking popular videos. It has more than 17 million viewers per month.

5. Wikia: You know about Wikipedia for sure, but do you know about Wikia? This website lets you create wikis (which are like encyclopaedia pages). You can create wikis for almost anything. Quite popular this website, it has been in the top 5 with more than 18 million visitors checking it out every month.

4. Manta: It is a search engine for all the companies and company profiles. It is quite useful while you are seeking for a job. It has over 23 million people checking it out every month.

3. Reference: It includes in it too and has more than 28 million visitors per month! Do check it out.

2. Go: This 2 lettered word website is a website owned by Disney! Like Manta, it is too, a search engine and has more than 29 million people as its viewers every month.

1. Ask: Always Seek Knowledge. Rightly said. Taking the first position is this website, which is still very very popular among people even today. You might find that people are not using it today that much but it is still managing to attract 53 MILLION VIEWERS on its website every month. That is more than the NEW YORK TIMES and YELLOW PAGES’ websites combined all-together!


Now that you have had a look at all the names, try them out for yourself and go check out every one of the ten!



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