Summer Hacks for Beautiful Skin

We love summer! With all the ice-creams and other cool drinks to enjoy, of course the trips to the sunny beaches and blue oceans, cool pool parties too. What about your skin? Does it love the heat too, guess not. So you will need all the protection you can get to make your skin glowing and healthy.

1. Keep Washing

Washing your face at regular intervals will keep your face free from dirt and grime. Especially the sweat which can be the death of you, sweat can create a number of pimples forming an oily texture. Washing with mild clean water will keep the skin pristine and hydrated. But there is a caution I n this, one must avoid over washing, you may feel that using more water on skin will make it more fresh but instead excessive water interferes with the pH balance, which may de-moisturize your skin, making you look twice your age.

2. Exfoliate and Eradicate

Your face is shedding hundreds of skin cells daily and you can’t even see them with naked eyes. But the effect shows when after ample moisturizing your skin looks dull, that glow is absent. To solve this exfoliation is necessary, use water, a gentle scrub which suits your skin type and eradicate the discarded skin cells. Ideally exfoliation must be done just before using a toner. Then the last step is moisturizer. One must follow this routine of exfoliation, toning then moisturizing. Exfoliation must be done at least twice a week to bring out the original glowing skin.

3. Food and Drinks

Cut a bit on your fries, pizza and aerated drinks. Instead go for fibers, like fresh fruits you can have yogurt too which may serve as a substitute for ice-cream. For that cooling drink use water instead of caffeinated beverages. White wine may soothe you but it is the red one which is full of antioxidants, thus healthy for your body. Avoid dehydration by having huge amounts of water and natural fruit juices.

4. Minimal Makeup

Try and use less amounts of make ups, coating your face with Sephora makeup kit would not make you look prettier but instead may increase your chances of having pimples due to excessive oil. The only thing of Sephora or any other brand which you need in ample is sunscreen. YES! SPF30 can make wonders. For protection from both UV A and UV B, try buying sunscreens where ‘broad spectrum’ is written. You can also use a powder sunscreen for quick touch-ups. And choosing the correct sunscreen is too important.

5. Style Hacks

Sundresses are pretty but sadly they are too exposed, thus not good for your skin. So try and wear clothes which gives you a cover. At same time the fabric must be as such that it doesn’t transform you into a red hot pot. Fabrics like cotton is good for the summer days. While rainbow is always welcome but during summer one should wear reflective colors like white or yellow, lighter shades are god too. Along its time to bring out those cool shades, brown for true contrast, yellow ones for perception and depth and grey for color, suit your requirements. Match your shades with a wide brimmed hat for maximum protection. All this formulas will protect your eyes and scalp and help you escape the sunburns and unnecessary tan which is awful by the way.

These are some of my ideas, you are free to share others. Till then enjoy summer with awesome skin.

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