Simple Easy Recipes for Non-Chef materials

For all the bachelors and spinsters, who are not Gordon Ramsay, actually far from it and who are at loss when it comes to spices, don’t worry you won’t starve or depend on take outs only if you are living alone. There is hope for you, today I will give you some filler food recipes which will make you a bit self-reliant in the kitchen.

1. Rice and Fried Dal

If you can make this one, consider yourself a master chef in the kitchen. Put few cups of rice in a pressure cooker and wait for at least two whistles. The rice should be soft by then, if not boil it for some more time, check from time to time. Now for the dal or pulses, take some raw pulses, chop onions, tomatoes and green chilies, the numbers may vary from one to two. Heat up some oil in a pan, put fennel seeds and some mustard seeds into it, then add the chopped vegetable and stir. Once those are fried add the raw pulses and water, then cover the pot and increase the flame. Voila after some time you actually have Rice and Dal. You can prepare potato fries for a side dish. This is an ideal Indian lunch combination.

2. Pancakes

Best served as breakfast, these are the easiest and one of the tastiest cakes. Use two cups of all- purpose flour, four cups of milk, one tablespoon butter, half cup baking powder, two eggs, some vanilla essence and sugar to taste. Mix all the ingredients well, take some amount of the batter, plop in on a pan and fry it. Repeat this exercise until the whole mixture is over. You can garnish your pancakes with bacon or blueberry or chocolate-chips. If you are a vegetarian then avoid the eggs.

3. Egg-Cheese Sandwich

I love sand sandwiches, they are very easy to make and can be made with literally anything. Here we will talk about a specific one which is easy as well makes your stomach very full. Toast your bread slices with some butter. Then whisk two eggs add cream cheese, onion slices and some salt and fry that with some butter. Then slap your eggs on the bread and add some cheese, make your sandwich, then devour. The perfect snack thus formed.

4. Upma

This is a very easy south-Indian dish and it’s healthy too. Take half spoon of fenugreek seeds, mustard seeds, and black split lentils and fry them in a pan. Then add smashed garlic and chilies to the fried spices and stir. Now add one cup of chopped beans, carrots and onion to the previous mixture, stir and fry them well. Then add three cups of water and salt to taste. Lastly add one cup sooji or semolina to the mixture and keep stirring until the water starts to dry up. Cover the vessel, after some time your Upma is ready. You can have it for dinner. Its the best when you are in no mood to go to the market and have frugal groceries.

These are some of the recipes which will keep you from starving or constant take outs.

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