Signs Of Depression Everyone Needs To Keep A Check On

Depression is a feeling of despondency and dejection characterised by a state of low mood and aversion to activity or apathy which affect one’s thoughts, feelings and sense of well-being. Sometimes a person suffering from depression might not know that he/she is actually suffering from it. Depression is a serious illness and not talking about it makes it even worse. Acknowledging depression and seeking help does not mean that you are weak.

Here are some signs which will help you identify if you’re suffering from depression.

1. You’re Always Sad

You are not able to escape from the suffocating sadness and you feel miserable all the time. You cannot figure out why you’re feeling that way.

2. Sudden Increase or Decrease in Body Weight

Some people tend to eat too much and some tend to lose their appetite since different people react differently to depression.

3. Changes in Your Sleep Cycle

Just like your diet, your sleep cycle has changed. You either feel sleepy throughout the day or you’re having sleepless nights, immersing further into depression.

4. Sudden Mood Swings

You’re losing patience quickly and you have become irritable. You feel angry most of the times and you overreact to the smallest of things.

5. Drop in Performance at Work

You’re taking much more time to complete a certain task than usual at work. You don’t feel like going to work every day and you’re performance has deteriorated.

6. You Cannot Think Positive

No matter how much you try, you just cannot get the negative thoughts out of your mind and think positive. Nothing seems to work out and you feel like there is nothing to look forward to.

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