Shiv Mohan Band: Lighting up your Baraat

An Indian wedding isn’t complete without beats of dhol and tuneful bands. Pure Indian-ness actually lies in ‘dance like nobody’s seeing’ adage. Here we will save you a little time to relax when you are planning on tying your wedding nuptials. No matter whether you want a traditional brass band or rhythm your moments and bombastic Bhangra beats you choose to pick—marriage bandwalas in Delhi have the multifaceted portfolio that has this all to sway all your wedding moments with great pomp and show.

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Defining itself as a baraat maker, SHIV MOHAN BAND creates themes mixed with some desi fusions that will light up your baraat and bride’s palki with decorative and stunning lights. With clarinets, bagpipers, and jhankaars forming a core, the magnificent Delhi bandwala has now transformed the customary form of playing it with modern technology. Shiv Mohan Wedding Band was established in 1963 and is the first acclaimed wedding brass band specialized for performing the processions at weddings, festivals, as well as other events. This band company of Delhi consists of a group of over 200 members, which include musicians from various musical backgrounds, as well as plays a wide range of the instruments including trombones, trumpets, clarinets, saxophones, dhol as well as other Indian style leather and fiber-based instruments or percussions.  


They render many services for different occasions like events, weddings, parties, carnivals or other celebrations. Nicely decorated chariots and horses for the wedding as according to celebrations or clients’ requirement are also a specialty. They have a team of professional musicians, light-men, and dancers offering amazing services to their clients for making the wedding ceremony a special moment that they will enjoy forever. Skilled Delhi band players perform western and traditional music for their clients depending on the theme and mood of an event.

Image result for shiv mohan band  Image result for shiv mohan band

Shiv Mohan Band is the leading wedding band of Delhi. They have the legacy and band is quite popular because of the specialized experience. This band has got the unique capability of arranging popular music for the weddings. They have already played in the weddings of Bollywood personalities, politicians, business families and more. This band has kept royal standards in the wedding industry just by giving the best quality as one important motive. Cleanliness, modernization, and royalty sums-up in the uniforms and arrangements that they do.

With many services like Baggi, Ghodi, Ghori with Umbrella, Palki, Lancer, Doli, 3 Dhol, Lights (rackets, anars, boxes, rose fire, nameplate, mashaals, etc), Flower Decoration, Groom Rides, Sewaks, Shehnai, Folk Troupe and much more, Shiv Mohan Band is the best leading marriage band service in Delhi and surrounding areas.


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