Seven Seas: Achieving New Highs in Hospitality

Seven Seas Banquets are a chain and Banquets specializing in the Hospitality Industry, with proficiency in organizing events such as Weddings, Receptions, Birthdays, Anniversaries, or for any fun party. The world class catering service serves multi-national cuisine including Indian, American, Thai, Continental, Mexican, and Pakistani food.

The servers are warm and friendly, and the dining room can accommodate upto 7000 guests, thus catering not only for your event, but assisting in making it a magnificent event as well.

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Seven Seas offer the most contemporary Banqueting venue in Delhi for events like Weddings, Birthdays, Conferences or any other event. All aspects of planning, organization and implementation can be entrusted to their energetic and professional staff which is experienced in managing large events of world class standards. The Banquet Hall covers 3,000 sq. ft which can hold a large gathering of guests. The halls are fully air-conditioned and equipped with all modern amenities like Wi-Fi, LCD Projector, Sound System, and is well lit by crystal chandeliers. It can be used entirely or divided into separate halls. All the qualities combine to make it an ideal venue in Delhi NCR for Weddings, Meetings and Conferences.

The food at Seven Seas is the stuff legends are made of. Their mark their USP as to “Bringing a wide panorama of gourmet cuisine for delightful weddings and signature corporate events that strike just the right impression of distinct taste and uniquely whipped aromas catering to all senses.” There is also a tagline that goes along with their theme, i.e. ‘Seven Seas. Seventy Cuisines.’ 

The group is also exploring the possibility of opening another hotel, post the completion of this ambitious project, in Gurgaon. However, this is still under planning stage.

The Event planners at Seven Seas display professionalism at its very best, and will help you customize a package based on your needs. The Banquet halls can be configured to meet your needs. It can comfortably accommodate 6000-7000 guests at any particular time, making it truly a pioneer of the banqueting industry.



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