School Life vs College Life

A school is hub of memories which nurtured us and made us so capable. 14 years of our life is school going life.To which we remember for the rest our life. Whereas college is the state of few years which make us stable and influencing one to choose our life path. One is never bored of both the terms because everyone person has whole lot to share about both.

Everyone knows that the worlds of high school and college couldn't be further apart. But, what parallels can be drawn between the two?

In school : You have to spend 1 hour in the assembly i.e. morning prayers, pledge, national anthem.
In college : You don't have to go to assemblies.

In school: You had surprise class tests.
In college: you have no test.

In school : Instructors are called teachers.
In college: Your instructors are called Professors or lecturers.

In school: Your mornings were spent like an express train finding socks and ties and id card, packing bag, taking tiffin, catching school bus.
In college:  You spend most of your time on thinking what to wear.

In school:  Seats are reserved for the year.
In college: There is no permanent seating arrangement.

In school: Parent teacher meeting is never ending process.
In college: There are no Parent Teacher meetings instead group chats.

In school: Your teacher reaches early than you.
In college: It is easily acceptable if your instructor is late to the class.

In school :Wherever you go, your time is always to be told beforehand.And are not allowed to go in first hand.
In college : You don't need permission to go anywhere with your friends.

In school: you have crushes.
In college: you see many of your friends tying knots.

In school : Either you had pocket money or had Mummy The ATM.
In college: You have to manage your money account.

In school: Mommie was always there to make your projects and woke you up and preparing you food.
In college: No one will do the things for you.

In school: You wish to have seniors as friends more.
In colleges: You will be seen talking about your school friends a lot more.

In school: You were never concerned about money and its sources.
In college: You know the value of money now.

In School: You had a very heavy bag on your back full of books and notesbooks.
In college : You rarely buy books to study instead borrow it from library.

In school: Rarely, you had to travel alone.
In college: You have student Id card that avail you so many discounts.

In school: Foremost thing was to check the homework diary.
In college: You do not get lots of homework .

"If school is preparedness then college is weirdness"

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