Who doesn’t like to be fashionable? Keeping up with the changes in their clothing style, coming out the different one, making sure all the eyes are on them? Who doesn’t?
So, today, we will be telling you some simple yet efficient Fashion hacks! That’s right. Get economically stylish. Following are some tips and tricks to follow these fashion hacks which would save you a lot of money!

  • Want your clothes to be de-pilled? Use a razor.
  • Want to cover those bleach stains? Use a sharpie.
  • Use Hair straighteners to be used in place of Collar Iron.
  • Zipper of your jeans stuck? Use Candle wax, crayons, pencil or nail polish.(Anyone will do.)
  • Don’t want your fly to open up suddenly? Use an elastic rubber band or an actual Zip Holder.
  • Want to remove make-up stains? Use Shaving Foam.
  • Want your shoes to get big? Fill them with water.
  •  Red Wine stains? Use White Wine. Does magic.
  • Want to clean patent leather? Try Window Cleaner. AGAIN, DOES MAGIC.
  • This one will come in handy. Want to remove oil stains? Use Talcum Powder.
  • Those armpit odours are getting to you? Try lemon juice on the shirts.
  • If nothing works, take cold water. Take vinegar. It will remove the stains for SURE.
  • Shoes are not comfortable enough? Use a hairdryer on them, if you have one.
  • Again, if your zipper is still stuck, you can always use VASELINE/PETROLEUM JELLY.
  • Washing up liquid can also help in removing oil stains.
  • Sneakers give out smelly odours? Cover them in baking soda and see the results!
  • Lipstick stains harassing you? Try a hairspray!
  • Ever tried to keep your jeans in the freezer? Try it today if your jeans smell. They won’t anymore after you do this.
  • Not only that, put sweaters in the freezer too to stop them from getting shredded


Well, these were some of the hacks that come in handy most of the time. So, glue these onto your brain cells and see how you can be fashionable without spending a single buck!

Try them out today!



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