Roan India- One of the leading electronic brand offering variety of high end quality products. Just Check it out!

In today’s times, owning household appliances television, washing machine, water purifiers, air purifiers have become a must. In such a situation, even today not everyone can afford these appliances in the Indian society as these appliances are priced at a very high amount which makes them out of reach of the middle and the lower class families. With an objective to make the basic household appliances available to all, Roan India develops these appliances with innovation and makes them available at affordable prices.

Roan, which started off as a small trading company is now India’s leading home and electronic appliance brand that has launched an extensive range of high quality products. With a tagline “Innovating Future”, their mission is to inspire and fulfil the curiosities of their customers. The idea that drives Roan is to provide good quality, high end and cost effective appliances at affordable prices throughout the country. Roan India maintains very strict quality standards which helps them to create reliable products of robust quality.

Let’s have a look at some of the products created by Roan India:

1. Roan Washing Machines

Every household requires a washing machine. These days even students and bachelors living away from their families don’t usually have much time to wash their clothes and require a washing machine to do the job. This washing machine designed by Roan with a washing capacity of 3kg-4kg solves the problem. The innovation in this machine is that it portable and it also fits in the boot of a car. Imagine going on a road trip with a washing machine attached in the boot and you can easily wash your clothes while travelling.

2. Roan Air Purifiers

Since there is so much pollution in cities like Delhi and Mumbai, it is causing an increase in problems like asthma in children and adults. Keeping in mind these conditions, Roan has developed Air Purifiers to remove the dust, smoke and germs from the air in our houses. They not only take care of dust and pollution but also takes care of the foul odour in the house and makes your house a safe place to breathe and live.

3. Roan Juicers/Grinders

Having a glass of fresh fruit juice in the morning after exercise is good for health. How about using Roan Juicers to make some fresh juice? Keeping in mind a healthy lifestyle, Roan India has come up with a range of Juicers and Grinders. These Juicers/Grinders use less energy and last longer as compared to other products. Having heavy duty ABS body, sharp blades and non-slip feet, these Juicers/Grinders serve a variety of purpose and are a great pick for your kitchen.

4. Roan LED TVs

To make the television experience even better, Roan India has developed a range of LED TVs which provide you with excellent picture and sound quality at your home. These televisions take your cinematic experience to a whole new level. Designed in such a manner so as to avoid any damage to your eyes, Roan LED TVs are available in all sizes.

5. Roan LED Lights

LEDs are the best way to save electricity and cut down on the bills. Roan India has come up with a range of LED lights which include tube lights, side lit panels, flood lights, street lights etc. These LED lights last longer, use less energy than other sources and give you upto 83% of energy saving. These highly monochromatic lights, emit pure colour in a narrow frequency range.

With latest technology incorporated in their finest products giving low electricity consumption and high performance, the products designed by Roan India are very simple, easy to use and powerful.

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