Jewelry OF BRIDE 
A bride of any country or any religion remains incomplete without some jewelry pieces which gives her entire get up a majestic look. Bridal jewelry has a great significance as it not only enhances the beauty of the bride’s attire but also takes her beauty to another level. The makeup of an Indian bride is considered to be incomplete without her solah shringar which consists of all the jewelry pieces.
The actual beauty of the jewelry pieces lies much deeper when a pinch of spiritual and cultural essences blends for the most auspicious and beautiful occasion of a woman’s life.
Due to special intricate designs and availability of wide variety, Indian jewelry is famous all over the world and even people of other countries love to adorn it on their special occasions.
If we keep only the traditional Indian jewelry in mind, then it is mostly made of Gold. Nowadays fancy jewelry pieces made of colorful metals have gained more popularity than the jewels made by using any single metal like gold or silver. Some of the most popular metals used for making bridal jewelry include platinum, gold, and silver. However, nowadays keeping in view the demand for colorful designs with a sparkling effect, techniques like kundan, lac, jadau have also come in vogue and widely used for making bridal jewelry pieces in all parts of India.
A detailed description of some of the essential pieces which form an integral part of which the essence of the bridal jewelry remains incomplete:


1. religious diversity of different jewelry pieces

MANG TIKKA It is used for filling up the center parting of a woman’s hair which women in India generally keep from putting vermillion after marriage. It is one of the important signs of a woman who is married in Hindu religion. While in Muslims, mang tikka are placed at one side of head. NECKLACE A necklace is certainly the essential piece of the bridal jewelry and it is considered auspicious to be worn by every Indian bride. It adds a heavenly touch to the overall aura of the bride and makes her look more glamorous. It not only helps in covering the bare neck area but also enlightens her personality. Nowadays, brides are moving away from wearing necklaces made only in gold used traditionally. Instead, they prefer wearing necklaces made of gold, but with a colorful and glittery touch of Kundan and diamond. EARRINGS Earrings are like the best friends of a bridal necklace and both should complement each other. As earrings are required to be worn during the entire marriage ceremony, the piece should be selected carefully keeping one’s comfort. If your bridal wear is in a pastel tone, you can opt for stone studded and diamond earrings and for a darker tone bridal wear, you can select gold jewelry pieces.

Hindus place mang tikka at midline of the forehead... While in Muslims placed at one side of forhead as jhoomar...

2. specificity of various ornaments traditionally

NOSE RING Nose ring or Nath traditionally is a representative of a bride's virginity? Wearing a nose ring or a Nath, which is basically of a round shape, is one’s personal choice, but the instant uniqueness added by wearing this jewel gets difficult to be ignored by a lady. BANGLES Bangles, the word itself seems to produce the sweet tinkling sound which is loved to be adorned by every Indian bride. On the auspicious day of the wedding, a bride wears golden bangles though in some traditions colorful glass bangles are also a must to wear during the wedding ceremony. Punjabi and Sikh bride prefer church made up of Ivory.

nose ring is a sign of virginity, while bangles indicates delicacy of a bride...

3. Importance of Waistbands, Payal, toe rings

ANKLET/PAYAL AND TOE RINGS An anklet or payal and toe rings are considered to be important components of Indian bridal jewelry in different cultures of India. It is also scientifically connected to keeping the reproductive organs in a woman’s body in good health Both are considered to be very auspicious and must to be worn by Indian brides during the marriage ceremony and even after marriage. It is one of the important signs of a married woman in Indian culture. WAISTBANDS Though the waistbands had become out of fashion. But there significance and glamour can never be overlooked. Waistbands form an essential part of the Indian bridal jewelry. From heavy and broad waistbands to slimmer ones, brides have started opting for many varieties depending on their body structure, outfit, and preference. Rest is all dependant on the taste of individuals and demand of there outfit. The accessories and jewelry can add up until the bride doesn't feel burdened up with loads.

Waistbands had became outdated but still have importance in brides of southern parts of india...

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