Is the Victim of Rape at "any" Fault ?

Little girl came home crying who was playing with her friends in the nearby park. Constantly Crying, mommie its paining!! Mom in dilemma, asks why? what happened? where? Girl said here, indicating through her index finger. Some minutes later, mommie found that her daughter was sexually assaulted. She was just 8. Mommie talked to father regarding whatever happened. Went to hospital, found that the girl was mishandled. So they looked for filing a complaint. But elder members of the family stopped them saying it’s not good to file complaints, what will society think of us? Your Father in Law is a reputed person. We don’t want spots on our family name. Leave it, she is too small to remember anything till she’ll grow up. That girl was then asked to stay back at home, was restricted like anything. Because according to elder members of the family, it was her fault that she went to play in the park. She never forgot those days, how that uncle giving toffee everyday mishandled her. She never got out of that trauma, and cursed herself everyday that she was born in such a family where no one took initiative to look into her matter. And got so threatened by the incident that she never went near to her own father. Yes, she was not safe even at her home because if that incident happens again too, no one is going to look after her, instead the matter will be closed again.

A Request to Society, "Hold abusers accountable for their actions: do not let them make excuses like blaming the victim, alcohol, or drugs for their behavior." It is always and always Rapist's FAULT.

This is the story of every girl who faced such unfortunate mishappenings and could not find any support from her family, which was required. Girls become the victims of several social stigmas every day. What was the fault of that girl? It is even more horrible when sick minded people holding great positions in the society make statements like this: A Botany professor yesterday claimed that women who "dress like men" have transgender children. Mulayam Singh Yadav had said, "boys will be boys, they commit mistakes." Former Union Coal Minister Sriprakash Jaiswal had said that the women lose their charm after a few years of marriage. It’s better to have a transgender than the person with a sick mentality. At Least they are true and good at heart. There are many examples of transgenders who are working for a good cause of the society. Gauri Sawant, a trans who has started on her project ‘Nani Ka Ghar’ for children of Sex workers. Stop calling them a taboo when you can’t understand what they really are and go through. Those who make such statements even after holding such a great position, great qualifications made me believe that it's all about how you have been brought up.

It is more often said that the rape culture is because of the dressing of the girls. It’s girl’s fault. Why did she wore such clothes? For one second if we agree to this, then what about the old lady who get raped, what about those news which says real son raped his mother, what about dumb girls who get raped, what was the fault of that 7 year old pakistani girl who was raped and killed brutally and was dumped in garbage? None of them wore revealing clothes. Do you have answer to my why? Girls wearing full clothes in a day is not safe but a man wearing vest at 2 am on the streets is more safe. This is the reality we will never accept but is true indeed. The movement of #MeToo gave the real picture where people from different parts of the World wrote about the sexual abuse they faced, from hollywood to bollywood to common people ( females). Maheen Khan who is 73 now, a legendary pakistan fashion designer who tweeted with hashtag MeToo that she had been abused as a child by the one who taught her Quran. Apart from humans, animals are not left behind, that was again too shocking to hear that 4 sick men raped a buffaloe. Now what do you want from animals? To wear full sleeves salwar suit? It’s not the clothes, It’s not the dress but It’s the sick people with sick mentality who are the cause to rapes. It’s the silence over rape. It’s the tradition which consider abuse as a mark of shame for the victim. Ladies are not safe anywhere. Even in Public, in day or night, every girl faces molestation. A proper sex education is not given because it is a taboo, they are not told what a good touch or bad touch is, inequalities start from home and schools only. When common things will change, when Parents & teachers instead of stopping girls from going out, ask their son to behave properly, the scenario will be entirely different. Stop asking her not to get raped, ask him not to rape.

"It’s not the clothes, It’s not the dress but It’s the sick people with sick mentality who are the cause to rapes. It’s the silence over rape."

In India, 24,923 rape cases was reported in 2012. While unreported ones are 4-5 times of the reported ones. Only 5-6% rapes are reported. The country we are living in, it’s capital New Delhi has earned the title of “rape capital” of India. Women report crimes if there is availability of female police officer. But in India, just 7 percent of police officers are women. Our country has a sluggish court system. We have only 15 judges per million people whereas China has 159. When women do report rape charges to male police, they are frequently demeaned: “The police refused to file a complaint. Instead, they asked my sister such vulgar details, it was as if she was being raped all over again,” Charanjit Kaur, the sister of another recent rape victim who committed suicide, told The Washington Post.

"What we say today, the next generation will learn the same. Break the stereotypes, not the hearts. It's a dream of every girl in the world that they don't need to worry about ‘Log kya kahenge’? and, when they will be the safe in the mid-night on the streets and in offices!

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