Is India better than USA?? Read and find out

On a sunny Sunday afternoon as lunch was announced during TEDx IGDTU at India Habitat Centre, New Delhi we all gathered in the lawn for lunch. On my table, I was joined by Alakananda Roy, a celebrated dancer who also provides care and training in various fields to those less privileged. As we had lunch, a discussion started about USA and India. While everyone put forward their views on this topic, I asked a question which had been in my mind ever since Hillary Clinton lost the election to Donald Trump. If you notice carefully you will see that on one hand USA has never had a female President and on the other hand India has had a female Prime Minister as well as a female President. So in that way this makes our Indian society much more advanced in the sense that we have accepted female leaders to lead the country.

According to Alakananda Roy, in the US people are still not ready to accept to have a female at the Presidential post because of the reason that in the US females are still paid less as compared to the males. Since she has lived with families in USA and has observed their society in depth, she was able to give an appropriate answer to my question. She also said that even women are not that supportive of female leaders in the US.

So the result that came out of this discussion is that Indian society is much more advanced as compared to the US because in our country women and men are treated equally in most of the fields and in some fields women are considered better than men as well. And let’s not forget, we have had some of the greatest female leaders.

This is still a very debatable issue so I will keep this debate open and would love to hear your views in the comments below.

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