We have all at some point in school, dreamt of being in the student council and having our name on the list of leaders of the school.  Even if we were amoral about the things in that we must do, it always fascinates our desires to see ourself on the stage with a badge on the shirt! Being the headgirl/head boy or any prefect requires a lot of effort and more than that it is the responsibility of showing credentials to your school mates and tell you are worth it for your speech! And if you desperately want to make that dream come true, then here are the various techniques to impress the school and make your speech worth all the effort.

Hold the confidence to your skin-

To show the best part of you, you need to wear your confidence! Amid all chaos of campaigns and speeches, you should make sure that whenever you speak to a student or walk in the corridor you have a very opulent behavior, this way you will eventually depredate your co-candidates and have high chances of winning. People are usually attracted to an Allegiant behavior which ironically depicts that a person holds a good amount of confidence. Hitherto, you must stop cowering with this responsibility but actually stand up tall! You can do this by having a wide smile on your face and talking to everyone formally. At this time you should also make sure that even if you get mocked by someone, you don’t fall into contends and languish with fear instead smile wide on their face.

Build good relationships-

Hitherto, you must make sure that you don’t give scant attention to this point, as people gain popularity just by building more and more relationships with people around, which will eventually give you more and more votes. With the confidence, you hold if you talk to as many people in the school and be popular amongst teachers there become greater possibilities for you to be elected as your beloved post. For this specific point nobody will ever behave with sufferance with you, instead, everyone will have a crude attraction towards your option. In this case, always make sure that you are a good councilor as well and tell people that you are available any time, which will create a deep impact in people’s mind.

Make believe-

Remember to always give obsolescent promises in your speech. This ironically means that you need to promise to make sure that the students are not burdened by studies and get free space to explore themselves, give them support and also guide them towards their dreams with uttermost care! At the end of the day, the students will only remember the promises you made so keep them high and show your dedication!

The killer intro-

Here comes the most important situation! A good speech is half your effort to the post so you must make sure that you don’t show any kind of cupidity in the niche of students. Behave galls and have an opulent attitude! You must start with a joke, a thought or a question as killer intro, then move onto your personal introduction and the third thing will be that you introduce what impact or you going to bring from the speech that you are going to speak in front of them! These are some very important things to make sure. You also must make sure that you don’t make the speech too formal and boring, keep it interesting and fun!

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