How Being Bilingual Rewires Your Brain

Bilingual? Ever thought of Switching between two languages? Well, More than half the world's population uses two or more languages every day!  It's well known that being bilingual has cognitive benefits. According to a Research conducted it has been suggested that mastering two languages can help you become a model of 'Cognitive Control' , rewiring your brain differently than the brains of those who speak one language.

Since the bilingual brain is used to handling two languages at the same time. This develops skills for functions such as inhibition (a cognitive mechanism that discards irrelevant stimuli), switching attention, and working memory which make up the brain's executive control system. Studies prove that in conditions requiring high monitoring demands, bilinguals outperform monolingual people. 

Cognitive Scientist, Judith F. Kroll after conducting a study told, "Babies who are listening to two languages [growing up] become attuned to those two languages right away." And yes the best part is that It'll Help Protect Against Dementia in Your Old Age.

Just think about how nice it would be to be able to always put a face to a name instead of staring blankly at people, as your brain searches for answers.

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