Have Targets? But got tired on the way? Need Motivation? Read it out then Thanks me later.

In this Running race of life, getting tired is a big ‘NO’. We all are leading a life where everyday competition is getting one level higher. We all are carrying a bag loaded with responsibilities, dreams, future decisions, demands and unsatisfied days. Everyday we get up, carry that bag and get to work. Don’t know which direction but with all the efforts to fulfill everything. If you are married, you have to nourish your family; If you are a youth, you have to settle down and get the highest score; If you are an employer you want promotion and a tension free life; If you are a Father/ Mother, you have to upbring your children and fulfill all their desires. No one is tension free in their hustling and busy Schedule. As Anais Nin said, “Good things happen to those who hustle.” Wait a second, Think, Think, Rethink!! Where are you going? Is this the correct way you are on? Are you doing the things in right way? If Yes!! Then why to worry. You just have to remind yourself that you can do it. But how? It's been a long time you are trying and got tired. You don't feel that same fire in you when it was a year ago. Remind yourself why you started this. Remind, why you wanted this. Why this path was so necessary that you chose it. Say to yourself that you gonna do it. You gonna win it. Dare to say this to yourself. Get up in the morning and say I’m a Masterpiece. I’m victorious, I’m talented. Anything you want good, you can do it. Take down into your spirit. And tell to your soul to stay faithful to your Dreams. It’s the time now. Still its not late. Meditate on your thoughts. Stop everything for a minute and start everything once again. Cry out every hoshposh in your mind. Nothing will be true right now but they will. Getup, you were never meant for this. You deserve Better. And don’t cheat yourself by getting distracting. You’ve been doing it for yourself So don’t expect someone else gonna do it for you. There comes lots of ups and downs because not everything is easy. Winners take action no matter what & Losers make excuses. Remember the time when you said to yourself, let it happen then see what wonders ill do!! See those events too taken place. But you are still tired and waiting for tomorrow. Tomorrow never comes.

  • Meditate everyday so you can concentrate more.
  • Put more of your efforts and then take the difference.
  • Give your time to your plans. Break the goal into different steps.
  • Make a time management of your daily routine.
  • Try to explore everything.
  • Read out Journals, Articles and Work related things.
  • Go to Youtube and see the videos of Motivation.
  • Listen to TED talks. On TED, renowned personalities share their life experiences, how they started and how they too got fed up and then too started again struggled more and got the fruit of their hard work.

Because no one gonna do it for you, No one knows you better than yourself. One never get everything within a night. But has to struggle a lot than we can think. Embrace the struggle and Just Chase your dreams. If you are falling, remember Albert Einstein saying ““I have tried 99 times and have failed, but on the 100th time came success.” You are doing the things that you don’t like but you know what when you’ll get success you’ll love those same things. Don’t worry more, Pack your bag again and get to work with new enthusiasm.

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