Gender Neutrality

It is a big question that do we understand Gender Neutrality. Male, Female and transgender have not only been categorized based on their physical appearance but also on many social factors. Jobs are categorized, places are categorized, clothes are categorized, and in fact, colors are categorized. Pink and blue are making a gender specific relation. However, trust me, many who do not care about gender specific colors enjoy all shades in life because they do not run after differences.

Gender neutrality also known as gender neutralism describes the idea that policies, language and other social institutions should avoid distinguishing roles according to people’s sex or gender. Laws in India talked about gender neutrality. Homosexuality,  as well has gone through a tough phase. It is a choice or acceptance for the gender you like. In choosing a gender by individual, society or laws have no say. I have my choice to say that I am a boy or girl or transgender.  This is not going to make a difference, in me or what m I capable of.

I have been raised gender neutral when it comes to clothing and now I do not hesitate to wear an off shoulder dress or my uncle’s t-shirt and shorts. However, many parents do lack at this point. The kid does not even know that he/she has a choice to wear. Young India, I think, understand gender neutrality but by what degree that is still on count.

Infect toys are gender specific according to most. A Barbie doll is for baby girl and a car is for baby boy. Come on! Does that baby know about this gender specific toy when he looks at that? When children play spatial awareness games frequently, then brains change physically within just three months. Parents should raise a kid gender neutral to let it get a better understanding of ground realities.

There are many titles, which still show that it is man, who is the head. Policeman is not appropriate but can be replaced by police officer. Gender neutrality is a thought against domination of society about capabilities of individual and the boundaries made for them.

Sumit, my friend talks about gender neutrality and says that inequality wouldn’t have come to existence, had we not lost our perspective. Men and women are the two sides of same coin. The question is why, are we measuring ourselves with our genitals.

The biases are shown everywhere. Why are we not being fair and equal with all? Give children an opportunity for being whoever they are. We can call a person by name because the identity of a person is by the name rather calling them man/woman/transgender. Stop distinguishing professions for them.Perpetrators of sexual violence are everywhere. Gender neutrality is feared with the abuse of it. For instance if we get gender-neutral restroom then, there is again a high possibility of sexual violence. And it is not only man who is encouraging sexual violence . Reason is that gender neutrality is not being favored by all. They have not been raised with a thought that might have physical difference but we are same and we have to make a good society together where no one decides what you should become, or with which toy you should play. 

In the name of inclusion of equality, segregation of gender is not going to work. First Make “Gender” Neutral then only the nation will get its full strength to step ahead.

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