Few tips for college freshers.

College is the most wonderful part of one's life. New friends, no uniforms, bunks, lectures, chilling in canteen and so much more. The colleges are about to start and few have already started. A new and important phase of life. There are few things that every fresher needs to know as they will help you in long term in living your college life happily. First of all, start introducing yourself confidently. Of course, on the first day of college you dont know anyone there, so you need to take the first step and exchange name and numbers with others. It will make others quite comfortable in talking to you too. Second, no need to be afraid of seniors. Ragging is not practiced these days in any college and if by chance a senior comes to talk to you, don't feel that he/she has come to rag you. Seniors also passed the same stage, so they won't frighten you or do anything that will make you feel embarrassed in front of others. Talk confidently with your seniors and befriend them. Its a good idea and will eventually help you throughout the college, the perks of getting notes and inside information is a pretty nice thing to have. Third, don't share too personal information with anyone in first semester. Usually, one semester is of six month and you will have many friends in the first week of college very easily. You might bunk college together, party together, go somewhere to chill and might feel that this group of yours will continue till end, but no. This is just initial enjoyment and slowly there will be certain more groups in the group, some fights, some silent distances. You may loose the people who were always with you in every plan and the secrets you have told them may get shared to other ears too. Hence, it is advised to not to disclose any personal matter with anyone in first semester. Fourth, attend the fresher's party! It is must as the initial phase of college is best part and everyone seems nice to you and you got to enjoy the fullest in that time and FRESHER'S is the most enjoyable thing you can do in first year! With lots of pictures, dance, drinks, food and getting the best time to mix with your classmates and seniors, you thoroughly enjoy the day. You must not miss the fun, whether official or unofficial, go and enjoy. You will have the memories for life. Last, make a good and healthy relation with your teachers. Bunking lectures is common and it is not just you who would do it. Teachers don't mind it much unless you respect them or bunk a specific teacher's class every time. Teachers are really helpful species in college. From saving you from externals to managing your attendance, they will be always there if you are nice to them. But, if a teacher is crossing his/her limits, you need not tolerate that. You are free to contact your senior authorities i.e. Director or incharge. No lecturer has the power to terrorize you to do something under the pressure of not giving deserving marks to you. I hope all these points help you to have a great college life.

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