Apple, the techno giant which has revolutionized the whole world with its Life Changing Products has recently launched the MacBook Pro 2016. From Macs and iPhones to apps and iPads, every launch of a new product amazes everyone with its splendid features. “Creativity is just about Connecting Things” and Apple is actually connecting the dots making this whole world a global village.

Recently, Apple has again hit the markets with its life changing product MacBook Pro. After the launch of its amazing iPhone 7 plus, Apple has launched its MacBook Pro sweeping the older version i.e. MacBook Pro 2015 aside.

Here’s everything you need to know about Apple MacBook Pro 2016:

1. Stunning Design

The new MacBook Pro is very thinner, brighter and faster as compared to the previous version and gives a very touchy feel. The product overall volume has been reduced substantially for a solid structure equipped with Thermal Architecture. The new MacBook has the best retina display, bright high contrast picture and a precisely designed LED Spectrum for quality picture with wide color gambit. It is presently available in three models: • 13-inch MacBook Pro, two Thunderbolt 3 ports (1.4 Kg) • 13-inch MacBook Pro, four Thunderbolt 3 ports, Touch Bar (1.4 Kg) • 15-inch MacBook Pro, four Thunderbolt 3 ports, touch Bar(1.8 Kg)

2. Multi Touch Bar

Apple has introduced this perplexing feature in its new MacBook which makes it stand out from the other notebooks ever made. Apple says that “It’s a new way to interact with notebook which is easily accessible and customized. Touch ID is another remarkable feature, one can find in this MacBook pro version to make it more secure and maintain user’s privacy. Indeed it’s a first MacBook with a multi touch bar and Touch ID. On the Touch Bar, there's a static Control Strip on the right that houses the typical system functions you're used to accessing quickly: volume, audio playback, brightness, and a new dedicated Siri button. With an Add on features such as answering/rejecting the calls and many more the touch bar is the most talked about feature of MacBook pro.

3. Touch ID

Touch ID acts as a finger print sensor, adopted from the iPhone. Your Mac will be unlocked as soon as you will place your finger on it. Besides this, the touch id can be used to make Apple Pay Purchases using Safari web browser. It is also enveloped with a Security feature which not only keeps your fingerprint data safe but also secures your Touch Id sensor but also the face time camera.

4. Keyboard

The keyboard is quite different from the previous MacBook Air. The dome switches beneath each key on the keyboard have been more optimized for a more responsive feel. The keys provide more stability and effectiveness to the users which makes a great typing experience.

The Price of MacBook pro for a 13-inch model is priced at the same Rs.1,06,900. The 13-inch Touch Bar version starts at Rs.1,55,900 for the 256GB version and Rs.1,72,900 for the 512GB one. The 15-inch MacBook Pro starts at Rs.2,05,900 and goes all the way up to Rs.2,41,900.

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