Does intake of excessive amount of sugar results in poor sex life ?

Our hormones are just like “domino tile” interconnected , if one fails others are sure to follow. Sex hormones and insulin balance are interconnected , high intake of sugar and flour not only deposit fat rather reduces testosterone level in the body. Testosterone results in numerous functioning like muscle growth , hair growth and also responsible for a dashing sex life. Exposure to toxic environment and intake of substance diminishes balance of the sex hormones but the biggest damager is the excessive intake of sugar. It creates profound changes in sexual drive and sexual function. It also creates a imbalance in the mass of muscles and deposition of belly fat which lead to a reverberation in the male hormones. Deposition of fat increases level of estrogen which leads to having trouble with getting or maintaining erection . Men having high sugar level in the blood results in poor sexual well being. So it’s high time to find a replacement for sugar . Adapt to a healthier intake of natural sugar such as honey , sugarcane which has high health benefits.

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