Coping With the Loss of My Son!

They say God can't be everywhere so he made mother's lap of unconditional love. No matter wherever we go, how much successful we become in life; there is nothing in the world equivalent to our Mothers. But have we ever spared a moment in thinking about the Mothers who silently long for the love their children whom God took away!  "Coping With the Loss of My Son!"  is one such story which will remind you of the loss of such mothers and will surely inspire you on how to cope up with the same. 

This is the Story of Lily Swarn (54), a Chandigarh based writer who went through the pain of loosing her son, but as in most of the cases when the family especially 'The Mothers' become hopeless after bearing such pain , this lady made her own way to keep her son alive in her words. 

Things were easy for her until the day she confronted the sudden death of her 23-year-old son three years ago, which came as a shock to her that has now sunk in like a cold truth. Her son Gobind Shahbaaz was suffering from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a cancer originating from white blood cells. Besides pursuing engineering, he took out an e-magazine and was passionate about music.“It was all so sudden, but he fought the disease bravely, his death was sudden on a treadmill test." She recalls, she started writing prosevwhile he was undergoing chemo.  An optimist that she is, she sees her son in his friends. She believes in celebrating his life, not mourning his death. 

She channelized her emotions in a positive way and has won two prizes: One is The REUEL INTERNATIONAL PRIZE for poetry and the other is the recognition by THE WORLD UNION OF POETS. An ex-columnist of Hindustan Times and North Indian Patrika in the 90s, Lily believes, "Neither life nor death is in our hands, it's us who have to make the most of our lives!"

We Salute to you Ma'am on overcoming the loss of your son and believe that this message will inspire others in a positive way!

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