Artitode – Snapchat community rescued a life of 20 year old pregnant girl from Delhi.

Me or you don’t decide in which part of society nor a community you want to live in , it’s just naturally happens. As a social being social being , we humans are interdependent and need co operation which forms a community. Here is a community who rescued 20 year old girl who tried to kill her self but this was a online community – Snapchat. Earlier on August 2016 , community of Artitode on Snapchat saved a girl from committing suicide. A famous online site , did a story on how the girl was saved , she belonged to Delhi , this Snapchat community was created by Jovanny Varela-Ferreyra. A question was posted saying , "what time is it there and what are you thinking?" And there were numerous reply but a post by a girl was just shocking. She had posted this :

As soon as she posted this image , there were large number of people responding to her message , they tried to fill her with huge number of support.

There were too many life inspiring messages were posted on their page , This proves what was world we are living in ! It was a sign of existence of humanity.

After a huge amount of support from every corner of the world , the girl replied :

There are so many articles around internet highlighting the disadvantage but this is a great example for what internet is capable of .

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