Are we addicted to party with alcohol?

When someone screams party , the only thing that pops into your mind is alcohol , when we just ran through our old friends we sit talk and talk so much. Finally end up pulling out bottles from the fridge door , and wake up with dashing hangover and finally trash the empty bottles in trash box. Have you ever realised you are missing on something ? Is parting only consists of emptying beer bottles? We just can’t do without booze in our day-to-day lives anymore. We have made it part of our get together while adapting to the modern culture. Be it a all alone time at home watching television sipping wine from your showcase nor in a high class pub enjoying music and sipping it from large collection. We just can’t do it without alcohol. After a long stressful day , you find yourself in pub all over again and again , ending up getting free drinks for your regular appearance over there. Have you ever said no to the drink offered to you by someone nor Atleast have you tried detoxing yourself for ten days. I m so sure your answer would be no. Earlier, we would drink whenever there was an occasion. Now, drinking has become the occasion. But now occasion doesn’t matter at all , all that matter is the proximity and cash . We love drinking , we love adapting to the modern culture moreover , We tend to loosen up and become more social when a couple of drinks down. We forget our problems, even if just for a couple of hours. Bottled up emotions start pouring out. Small talk becomes effortless.

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