Anger is a Virus of your Life and only you can remove it with these simple Hacks!

There a lot of people these days who have serious “Anger Management” issues. People often concern psychiatrists or psychologists to help them deal with these management problems but the truth is that no one except you can handle this anger of yours and to be honest, it is not that difficult. Simple things can be done which just chase away your anger in a matter of seconds.

These simple things if you follow will definitely make you a calmer person as compared to what you are today when it comes to anger.

  • Make sure that you keep your mouth shut when you are angry. Anger can be expressed but the shouting and screaming just makes the reason shallow because the intensity of something that hurts you will get replaced by the screams.
  • Do not react immediately. Though it is difficult but you have to create the will-power not to react that way.
  • Start counting and continue counting till the time you feel your nerves getting back to normal.
  • Distract your mind. Start looking at the stars or the dogs or the fountains or the flowers or the road and the cars. Whatever comes around you just start observing every element of it.
  • Call someone close, someone you are very comfortable in sharing your thoughts with and talk your heart out to them.
  • Go to eat something probably something of your choice or something you love eating.
  • Quickly put on music. Music helps you to relax your nerves and once you get distracted from the anger you automatically become calm.
  • Try meditating in the morning when you wake up at least for 5 minutes.

These are simple controls of your mind when it comes to anger. You have to relax as anger later results in palpitation, high blood pressure which may take you closer to a cardiac arrest. So guys! This is the manual to the most beautiful game called Life!  

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