7 amazing facts about your lips!

There is ironically so much your lips work with! Those kissings, mimicking, bites, and talking, apparently we should be extremely grateful for them! But you would be rather shocked by very things that your lips are! There is much more to your lips than you ever knew, so stiff upper lip and live through these amazing facts about your lips!

  1. Lips are 100 times more sensitive than your fingertips-

Succinctly, your lips languish just because there are millions of nerve cells and nerve endings around your lips that make your lips extremely sensitive. This factor also makes your lips more opulent and sexually attractive. Although there are no protective tissues in your lips which is the reason why your lips look extremely sensitive to external factors.

      2. There are no sweat glands in your lips!

This is the very reason your lips become dry every now and then! There are no sweat glands in your lips that allow them to be wet and moisture instead, because of the absence of these sweat glands your lips become too dry in winter!

      3. Everyone has a unique structure lip!

Ever wondered why you are different? You may rather thank your lips and fingerprints for this unique gift because both your lips and fingerprints are different from anyone’s in the world. Everyone has a unique structure of lips and that is why we all can call ourselves unique.

      4. Your lips are pink because of those blood veins-

The tissues around your lips are opaque and this is the reason why your lips seem pink. the areas around your face have about 16 or 17 layers of tissues over them but comparitably your lips have just 3-4 layers of tissues which is the reason why they look pink.

      5. Men have many more possibilities of mouth cancer than women

Usually, women use lip balms and lip moisturizers to moisture their lips and keep them hydrated which is why their lips are protected from Uv rays of the sun. Eventually, men who don’t do this tend to go through a severe mouth cancer.

      6.Science claims that kissing allows a biological information exchange and lets you take in the pheromones of your partner-

This biological information exchange happens on the back side of your brain. It is known that kissing has a significant relentless effect on choosing a partner.

      7. In some cultures the around world, women have to cover their lips. It is because lips are considered to be sexual organs-

Normally in parts of Asia and Arabian parts lips are considered as a sexual organ and the reason is surely as simple as oral sex.






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