Have you ordered your Christmas Party Pizza? Come On check out the status of your pizza. 15 minutes have been passed since you ordered, but the screen shows that your order has not been prepared till now. In this case, you think that you would get a free pizza as the delivery boy would not reach on time. But suddenly, the order tracking window shows “Karan is on his way to deliver your pizza”. Now, there are less chances to get a free pizza.

Exactly, everyone can relate to the above situation. The “30 minutes or it’s free” guarantee policy is an amazing marketing strategy to motivate customers like us to order the pizza as who knows “You may get a free pizza anytime”. But have we ever thought, how those 30 minutes become the most burdensome duration for the delivery boys.

Here’s what their life is all about:

  • Big Responsibility but Low Profile

The life of a Pizza Boy goes through an enormous responsibility to deliver the Pizza on time. Besides this, he also needs to make sure that the cash is collected from the customer and deposited at the outlet with the exact bill amount. At such a low division in the company, he actually serves as the revenue messenger of the company.

  • Do you know how much salary he gets?

Pizza delivery boys burn midnight oil but you will be shocked to know the salary of these people. They are paid round Rs.12000 which is one of the lowest salary paid for any work in India. Still, they do justice to their job and work with dedication.

  • They have to deliver Pizza in 30 minutes

Now, it’s very difficult to deliver the pizza in a time frame of 30 minutes given the traffic issues and other conditions. But he has to do this as per company’s policy and meet the deadline otherwise he has to give the order free. There is no other person who follows such complex timings.

  • Delivery Issues and Other Challenges

A delivery boy faces a lot of challenge on his way to deliver the pizza in 30 minutes. Many a times he reaches the wrong address, customers even refuse to take the order and pay the price. Still, customer is the king he has to deliver the product despite there is rain, cold, heat or anything. One must not indulge in fights with them and treat them humbly. 


Do keep these things in mind when your next pizza is on the way.

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