15 sassy responses to annoyingly insensible questions!

Many times we come across some very lame, dull, dead-ended and annoyingly insensible questions. These questions irritate a person a lot and almost every one of us wants to get rid of these and get out of the web of these type of questions. Here is a list of a compilation of such questions and some sarcastically smooth answers which will make the questioner rethink his question and its genuineness.

1. Why are you still single?

Ans. “I’m just afraid that I will end up with someone just like you.” Well, this question directly hits a person in the middle of the heart and it takes a soul a thousand years to recover from this astonishingly dull question completely. But this simple answer isn’t as straightforward as it seems to be. It serves as a double-sided coin. This hits the interrogator with double the force than this question stricken you!

2. Hi! What’s up?

Ans. 'Up' is a type of quark. It is the lightest of all quarks and its charge is 2/3 rd times that of an electron. This question is surely one of the worst and the most boring question one deals with almost every day. Instead of coming to the point directly, most people try to initiate conversation with this totally dead-ended question. This response will put the other person in shock and will surely leave him dumbstruck.

3. You are tall. You must be playing basketball?

Ans. Oh! That means that you are a champion of mini-golf. Isn’t it?? Almost every tall guy deals with this annoying question. (I personally hear this fortnightly). This is the best response to this question.

4. Guess what??

Ans. The aliens invaded the earth and they stole the brain out of you which made you ask me this lame question. This incomplete question seems so irritating at times that instead of answering this, one would prefer running miles away and hide from this question.

5. What are your weaknesses?

Ans. My greatest weakness is that I cannot fly like a bird, swim like a fish and fight like a dragon. I regret that I am not a superhero. Seriously? Apart from the interviews, this question is totally insensible. It is good to know one’s weaknesses but when we come across this question in mundane life, then it is very difficult to deal with a quiet mind.

6. Tell me how many fingers do you see?

Ans. I’m blind because I wear spectacles. One of the most irritating question a person with glasses comes across at least 50 times in a lifetime.

7. Why are you failing the subjects?

Ans. Because it is very easy to pass them. If a person knows the reason, then he isn’t that stupid that he won’t work on it.

8. Where do you belong?

Ans. I belong to this forever mesmerizing cosmos. You? This question needs a witty and sassy reply when this is asked by a creep. And this answer repels them away like a medicine.

9. Why aren’t you on Instagram or Facebook (or any social media)?

Ans. I have just blocked you mate. Ain’t a person a human if he isn’t on Facebook or Instagram?

10. How are you?

Ans. How are you!?? At times, this sentence is irritating. But we can reciprocate this feeling by answering in this way, the questioner will feel the pain.

11. How is the job?

Ans. FLAWSOME!! Who on Earth (exceptions are always there) like to work in a dead end job? This sassy answer indicates the same.

12. Why are you anxious?

Ans. Please do a google search and let me know why a person is anxious. Publish a paper and let the world know why is it a disorder. Perfect reply when one is under some rigorous thought process and wants solidarity (yeah, this is rude XD).

13. Why aren’t you having kids?

Ans. Because you have many. This answer will put the other person in a state difficult to recover from. Who are you to poke nose in someone’s life man?

14. Why should we hire you?

Ans. Because I love money and you will pay it. Straight and smooth. Honest to the depths of Mariana trench.

15. Why are you so short?

Ans. I guess the evolved DNA strands wanted to mutate themselves. Totally sassy and sarcastic.

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