Top 5 courses in the field of Wealth and Finance Management

Economics is the study of how societies, business, households, government and individuals manage their resources when scarce. Economists are known for advising the organizations, governments, political leaders for economical issues. They play a vital part when it comes to the development of an organization, a country or even a business. They contribute in various other sectors as well like health and development, welfare and school reforms and efforts to work towards the betterment of the society by putting in efforts to reduce inequality, crime and pollution.

CH.E., the Chartered Economist designation is recognized globally which helps in making a grand career and gives a chance to reach new heights professionally and personally as well.  It is the world’s first Graduation Economics program. This program is introduced by some of the leading economists with the purpose of bridging the gap between academic knowledge and skills used in the economic sector.  If one wants to grow in the sector of economics then earning a chartered degree might help in enhancing the knowledge which will result in better career options globally.

Chartered Economists set a global standard in the Economics profession with excellence and perfection in their individual specialization. Thus designation verifies that one is skilled and affluent in various economic skills and hence makes a better future prospect.

The designation allows one to gain several specialized designation, like follows:





Wealth management is a high level professional service that combines financial and investment advice, accounting and tax services, retirement planning and legal or estate planning. It is the highest global designation in wealth management, private banking and wealth advisory and also the highest designation in the field of wealth management certification in India. This program is ideal for Students, Management Graduates, Finance Professionals, Bankers, Investment Advisors, Financial Advisors and Mutual Fund Advisors.




Increase in wealth in the past years has made the clients more demanding about the quality of services provided by wealth advisor. Associate Wealth Manager is the stepping stone of becoming a Chartered Wealth Manager which is an amazing platform to explore globally.




It is the only trust planning certification course in India. This certification deals with all the aspects of Estate Planning like Intergenerational Estate Transfer, Wealth Preservation, Trust Planning, International Succession Planning and International Estate and Gift taxation. This certification enables the candidate to meet current skill set needed by the industry.





It is designed to develop the basic skills required by Wealth Advisors to execute functions related to Financial Planning, Goal Planning and Investment Planning. This global certification is provided by AAFM India and is a stepping stone to various comprehensive programs like Associate Wealth Manager (AWM) and Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM).


Wealth Management and Economics can take one to great heights if learned right and the skills are put to use in a proper way. The certification programs mentioned above can help you grow globally and earn more.




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