Parents all give us with a name, right? Even if they leave the children at some orphanage, children always are left with names. But this case that am talking about here, has three girls who were abandoned by their parents with no names at all.

But following the family court hearings, they have been taken into proper care and custody.

The eldest girl has been adopted already while the youngest one is placed for adoption currently.
All this has been displayed on a legal website in a judge’s ruling.
The Judge is Sarah Lynch and she was asked to make this decision about the youngest girl, who is only four months old, at a family court hearing in Leeds during the time of November. She said that she had made decisions about the baby girls’ other sisters and she didn’t not recognize or identify the family but told that the social services staff at Leeds had asked for the rulings.

She further stated that the fact that girls do not have names doesn’t matter at all in the process of then being taken into proper care.
She said that she knew the children won’t be safe with their parents, even saying that the youngest was at the risk of emotional and sexual abuse.
The little baby girl has been registered by her surname only and the social workers have given her a first name just for now.
But in a turn of points, another senior family court judge specified that not giving a child their name is ‘emotionally harmful’.
Mrs Justice Parker, in the Family Division of the High Court said that thing while she was deciding the future of a baby boy whose parents had left him nameless.
"Every child needs a name," she said after there was a family court hearing in Watford, Hertfordshire.

"I truly think that it is emotionally harmful not to give a child a name."
She decided to put the little baby for adoption too.

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