This story is real, heart touching, and inspiration to those who always said that no one is your real friend in this world all the people are selfish.

You are the luckiest person in the world if you have a friend like your elder brother. Sometime the older person is more immature and silly than the younger one and the younger friend plays the role of the elder  brother. 


It is a friendship of almost 12 years between Marcos and Evan. They were classmates, and even shared the same seat in the class. Marcos was a year older than Evan, but they were in the same class. They both liked the company of each other very much, they had lunch together, sang songs in the class, fought for each other, helped each other in completing their projects and home works.

Everything was going good, suddenly an incident changed their points of view for each other. They started hating each other very much. As everyone has some people in life who don't like them. In the same way, they had too. He was the common friend of Marcos and Evan his name was Marc. He started creating misunderstanding between Marcos and Evan and his plan was a great success because it worked to separate the two inseparable souls. Marcos and Evan started ignoring each other. Three years later, Evan got a call by Marcos on 31st Dec night. After hours, the year was going to change. 

Marcos asked Evan if they could meet. Evan said, "Yes, definitely! Come to my house". Marcos reached outside of Evan's home and called him out and sorted out all the misunderstanding and they became friends again.

Now, Marcos and Evan are the best friends of each other. They take care of each other like a mother does, and they are like two brothers separated at birth.

If you have any friend who is like a brother to you, then share this story with him and mention his name in the comments section

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