This Class 10th Student Is A Real Genius!

Really, when it comes to talent and innovation then we Indians know how to position themselves at the driving seat. Exactly, we keep on talking about the “Next Big Thing” and the techno-space is actually leading the way to reach out to the next big thing. Artificial Intelligence and IOT are the trending topics of the techno-space these days. Another innovation which is taking this piece by storm is the innovation of Drones. And this Gujarat boy has done a prodigious thing that could save soldier’s life.

Yes, Harshwardhan Zala, a 14-year old boy has just signed an MOU worth Rs 5 crore with the State Government at Vibrant Gujarat Summit. The boy has come up with a unique solution: drones can not only detect but also diffuse landmines on war fields, potentially saving many lives. With the support from his parents, the boy has spent Rs 5 lakhs on the two prototypes and has also started his own venture, Aerobotics7 Tech Solutions.

The teenager, who is studying in class 10, currently, has been working on the drone solutions which incorporates thermal metre and RGB Sensors. The drones are really helpful for the Indian Army as many soldiers lose their precious lives due to undetectable landmines. And with this drone, the soldiers will not only be able to detect the landmines but also this drone will work as an antidote to those landmines and can completely destroy them!

Harshwardhan has developed an interest in the field of Science and Innovation and with a lot of encouragement from his parents, he is dreaming of a kick-ass innovation in the field of Artificial Intelligence. His latest innovation is patent pending. Now, the techno-giant like Facebook, Google, Apple need to watch out as a strong competitor is ready to spread his wings in the market.

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