Where we all talk about equality and no such thing as racism, there are incidents that happen despite that and keep us proving wrong.

In Chicago, the Police have arrested four black people who beat and tortured a teenager with special needs.
The torture was captured live on Facebook. The Teenager was white and one with special needs.
He was bound and gagged mercilessly while the four black men kicked and slapped him cruelly.
This video which went viral sees the four men cursing Donald Trump, laughing as they cut the boy’s clothes. Not only that, they go a step up and cover him in cigarette ashes and then use a knife to cut his hair, ultimately causing his scalp to bleed. Now, it has been removed but it produced the impact it meant to. It was put up online on Facebook.

NBC Chicago also states that the poor boy’s parents were receiving text messages from the four men throughout the torture they did to their son.
So, the Police was arrested and then the officers found the teenager wandering the streets of the West Lexington area of the city around Tuesday afternoon from where he was taken to the hospital for treatment.
Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson says that all of it was brutal and it is something everyone should see to know what the world of today has come to.
The victim, 18, was mentally handicapped but sources say that he knew one of the four sinners and in the beginning went with him on his own.
Police state that he must have been with them for at most 24 hours.

Sad thing is the Police don’t yet know HOW OR WHY this happened?
Was there a political agenda?
Was the boy targeted?
Do they want to send some message?
The Police don’t know anything yet.

But they did arrest 4 people and interviewed them last night.

It is really shameful what people are doing in the name of Politics.
Torturing an innocent and that too, mentally challenged boy just for the fun of it, what is happening today?


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