Social Media’s Involvement

From U.S.’s political scenario, we can clearly predict the power of social media. Although an apology has been made by FB but it raises a question on safety of digital data.

World is getting connected with the power of social media and it is really a dream come true for explorers but does it really guarantee for protection of your data with it. Because all the laws for digital data protection seems non-existent after this issue of data leak by Facebook and Cambridge Analytica (CA).They pulled in data from the “Facebook Friends” of the users without their consent. Users are being scapegoat by Facebook and CA for election strategies.

SCL and CA with their partners have been involved in political campaigns in India as well and claimed to have worked with BJP, Congress, JD(U). These political campaigns through these social sites are biased. Social media is an effective part of life. Earlier we knew to get in touch with people just to know them but now we are using social media for many reasons. Many have made it a source of income by making different pages and other stuff but the problem is about data. When technology giants are not able to stop data breach then how would India protect it.

Data breach can directly hit National security, integration, and of course elections. In BJP election campaigns, we have seen the amaze of digital media. However, bias is not fair. It shows just one picture to society. One with more investment becomes the king on social media and mass “Following” starts which results in biased decision.

India has yet to overcome the damage of data leak by PNB and there is news about insurance companies asking for calling data to telecom sector. I mean, you are free to talk and type but that data always has a possibility to be misused.’

Privacy option in digital media is for one’s own peace of mind but actually, it is no more private. Consequences predicted are many. Data might get misused or manipulated in many ways. For an instance suppose, i am insurance or loan holder and the related bank got all my call details or data from social media, that bank can easily blackmail me on the point of ruining my social image using your contacts.

Political campaigns are already popular on social media but data breach is definitely going to take society at a different page. Social media is a part of space and we are serious about protecting it. Government and people have to be more active now because who is getting access to what content is yet a secret.

Social media is amazing yet intruding. It is a virtual eye to you. Be careful.


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