Really, education is at its worst these days. Recent surveys prove that education in India is getting degraded day-by-day. Though, technology is changing the shape of the country but when it comes to education at government schools or rural areas even technology has not shown satisfactory results. It seems that quality education has become a distant dream for the present generation. And with Government schools like these it is impossible to raise the standard of the education in the country.

Yes, it’s really very shocking to know that being one of the most literate provinces in the country, Delhi’s government schools do not have a proper structure and the quality of education is pathetic. And in one government school, there are just 2 temporary appointees on for 59 teachers. More shocking is the fact that nearly half the positions in the government schools are vacant or have been filled by temporary teachers. Now, this is why a class 6th student does not know how to read and write. The students end up committing a big blunder being taught by highly unmotivated teachers who are paid very little. 

According to Hindustan Times, more than 2,00,000 class 6th students cannot read, which is due to the fact that 86% of the teachers in these schools are "guest" teachers who are already disturbed from the government’s policy for guest teachers and are extremely demotivated.

Now, this is how the richest state (per capita income wise) in the country is playing with future of the country and ignoring the peculiarities of the Indian Education system. Schooling is that stage which either makes the career of a student or breaks it. It’s the only level of education which widens the scope of imagination for the students to experience the world of knowledge.

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