Saudi Arabia flight space to be used by Delhi-Tel Aviv flights

According to Israeli daily Haaretz, Saudi Arabia has allowed Air India its flight space for flights between New Delhi and Tel Aviv.

An official said that they were waiting for the permission of DGCA, the governing body, for thrice a week flight between New Delhi and Tel Aviv, which is expected to start from March. This new route will save at least two and a half hours as compared to the earlier route, according to an Air India official.

The earlier circuitous route between Mumbai and Tel Aviv constitutes Red Sea, the Gulf of Aden. It avoids countries that are on the direct flight path such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan. This takes seven long hours. Whereas the new route will draw a pass from Saudi Arabia, Muscat and Ahmedabad then the flight will land on Tel Aviv.

Many Islamic counties and Arab countries do not recognise Israel therefore do not allow flights, if this route gets introduced then Riyadh will among the firsts to allow the passage of flights heading to Israel this could have greater political implications.

Another official was found giving the news that Air India is also waiting for slots in Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport and Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion International Airport.

Israeli Ministry has granted 750,000 euros to Air India flight operations.

However no official confirmation could be sought from ministries of Civil Aviation of Delhi or Air India.


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