Plan your Trust and Estate timely with NEXGEN

NexGen Estate Planners P Ltd. (NexGen) is one of the leading companies in estate and succession planning offering services and solutions relating to, Wills, Trusts and Succession Advisory Services.

They provide end-to-end estate planning solutions covering the entire thing right from estate planning audit, wills & related services such as safe keeping and probates to customized trusts, business succession planning solutions and bereavement advisory services, thus enabling financial intermediaries to offer a complete bouquet of services to their clients.

NexGen delivers these services via a robust platform designed exclusively for its member FAs/FPs. Team comprises of experienced lawyers, chartered accountants and bankers and having a cumulative experience of more than 100 man-years in estate and succession planning, work closely with the FAs/FPs through NexGen to understand all the sensitive and confidential issues of their clients to deliver an efficient and expeditious solution.

They offer clients the two service delivery models: an online options for those who want to avail of our will writing and related services from the comfort of their homes; an offline model where the client would like to interact with our team of lawyers to seek advice and solutions for their complex inheritance objectives.

Estate planning is all about ensuring one’s wishes/desires regarding one’s assets are implemented in the most expeditious and cost-effective manner. Estate planning is not something that should only be considered by wealthy or retired people, no matter how substantial or modest one’s assets and property may be, without proper planning, passing them on can lead to complications, disputes and impose large costs on the estate.

NexGen provides services like :


Estate Audit

Will Writing and Related Services

Trusts and Related Services

Trust for Minor/Special Child Protection

Bereavement Advice

Power of Attorney Services

Estate Planning Advisory Services

Estate Planning Advisory Services


NexGen Estate Planners  claims to be one of the best planning service providers and promise to be the one who are just in all cases.

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