New India New Railway Budget 2018-19: State Wise Budget allocation

A large part of the Capex allocation of Rs.1,48,528 crore pegged in the railway budget 2017-18. Budget intends to progressively provide state of the art amenities along with Wi-Fi and CCTV coverage on all trains.

Here is state wise railway budget allocation:

1. Uttar Pradesh

Budget allocation 7685 crore NEW PROJECT ANNOUNCE: - 9 doubling project coasting 7988 crores involving 581 km between Phaphamau to Unnao via Kunda Harmanganj & New Coaching Complex and Kanpur -Provision for the 4th line between Dholpur Jhansi and Beena(322km), Chipiyana Buzurg to Dadru connecting down loop of Maripat and holding the line of Dadru in connection with DFC(12km), and Allahabad to Bumrauli flying over at Subedarganj and connect to UP loop of Bumrauli(10km). -Provision for 3rd line between Ruma Chakeri-Chandari in connection with DFC, and Aligarh Jn-DaudKhan parallel to UP line and construction of flyover at Daudkhan Connection DN loop line of Daudhkhan to common loop of NEW DAUDHKHAN(DFC

2. Uttarakhand

Budget allocation: 1,490 Crore ON-GOING PROJECT: 6 projects costing Rs19,207cr for 605km in length

3. Chhattisgarh

Budget Allocation: 3964 crore ON-GOING PROJECT: 19 projects costing Rs28,524cr for 2,750 km in length New Project Announced: One new line project "Chirimiri-Nagpur Halt" coasting rs114 crore has been included in budget 2018-19

4. Odhisa

Budget allocation: 5,252 crore ON-GOING PROJECT: 36 Projects costing Rs 43,751cr for 4,750km in length.

5. Bihar

Budget allocation: 4,407 crores ONGOING PROJECT: 52 Projects costing Rs47,905cr for 4,832 km in length NEW PROJECT ANNOUNCED: -One doubling project Darbhanga bypass line connecting Shusho Halt and Kakarghati costing 133crore.

6. Maharashtra

Budget allocation:6,658 crore ON-GOING PROJECT: 36project costing Rs 59,624cr for 5,976 km in length NEW PROJECTS ANNOUNCED: -One Doubling project costing Rs1860 cr has been included in Budget 2018-19 -lgatpuri-Manmad 3rd line -Improved suburban network in Mumbai worth Rs51000 cr with line doubling of 90kms and additional lines of 150kms.

7. Assam

Budget allocation: 5,868 crore ONGOING PROJECT: 21 projects costing Rs57,000cr for 1879km in length.

8. Punjab

Budget allocation:1,532 crores ONGOING PROJECTS: 15 projects costing Rs14,244crore for 904km in length NEW PROJECTS ANNOUNCED: - One doubling project costing 29cr -Amritsar to Chheharta

9. Madhya Pradesh

Budget allocation:6,359 crore ONGOING PROJECTS: 36 projects costing Rs63,064 crore for 6,279km in length NEW PROJECTS ANNOUNCED: -Two Doubling project costing rs 4870cr -The 4th line between Dholpur Jhansi and Beena -Nimach-Ratlam doubling(133km)

10. Rajasthan

Budget allocation: 4,553 crores NEW PROJECTS ANNOUNCED - Four doubling projects costing Rs29 cr -The 4th line between Dholpur-Jhansi and Beena -The 4th line between Mathura-Dholpurjn -Agra Fort and Bandikui doubling(150km) -Degana-Rai ka Bagh doubling(145km)

11. Karnataka

Budget allocation: 3,353 crores NEW PROJECTS ANNOUNCED -160 km suburban network worth rs17,000cr in Bengaluru to help reduce congestion and save the commuting time of the passenger -two doubling projects costing 545cr -Bauyapannahalli to Hosur(48km) -Yeshwantpur toChannasandra(22km)

12. Telangana

Budget allocation: 1,813 crores ONGOING PROjECT: 15 projects costing rs16,930cr for 1,739 km in length

13. Haryana

Budget allocation: 1,422 crores ONGOING PROJECT: 12 projects costing 13,760cr for 1132km in length

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