Mark Zuckerberg trolled hilariously before US Congress testimony

33-year-old Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerberg has been trolled brutally on his own social network – Facebook before his testimonial presentation in US Congress. Some very raw memes are going viral featuring Zuckerberg and his role in data privacy scandal.

Facebook came into a controversial data leak scam which was exposed by Cambridge Analytica. According to them, Facebook had the data of 87 million users which was intended to influence the presidential elections.

The level of trolling Mark Zuckerberg can be seen on almost every Facebook user’s feed. Every media page, content viral company, meme pages and even the common Facebook users are criticizing Zuckerberg for his role in data leak and they are trolling him and Facebook by making very extreme and brutal memes. These memes went viral right before Zuckerberg’s testimony in front of US Congress.

1. 'Russian Troll' or the 'Monopoly Man'

The trolling went to the extremes as a man went inside the hall who dressed up like the ‘Russian Troll’ with a clear intention to show his disagreement and represent the rage against Zuckerberg. The tech giant who is generally seen in a t-shirt and a pair of jeans with a smile on his face wore a formal suit and appeared very serious. But the meme makers and trollers saw this an opportunity and made some hilarious memes on Mark Zuckerberg and eventually, they went viral all over Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all other social media networks. Zuckerberg was trolled because of his extremely frightened face and robotic behavior. The activist who was dressed as the Russian Troll or the Monopoly Man was appreciated a lot by the people because of unique, peaceful and a very clever way to show the disagreement. Apart from this, the activist, Amanda protested in a similar manner quite a while ago in 2017 when Richard Smith (CEO of Equifax) and handed cards which said ‘get out of jail free’. Raged by this, Facebook deleted around 40 pages who were associated with Russian Troll or the Monopoly man.

It should be kept in mind that Zuckerberg was involved in many controversies because of Facebook in the past. Once, he sent the messages to one of his friends in which he said that he has the access to the database of the users of Facebook and he can access the details and photographs easily. He used some extreme words in those messages. And today, this data leak has affected 87 million users (maybe more!)

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