Maldives Political crisis: U.S asked Yameed to abide by the law

Anti-Indian and pro-china president Abdulla Yameen refused to follow Maldives supreme court order to release key political prisoners and reinstate 12 MPs.

Indian ocean nation Maldives's supreme court ordered to release of all political prisoner including former President Mohamed Nasheed and former vice president Ahmed Adeeb. The Maldives Supreme court also ordered to reinstated 12 MPs who were disqualified by current President Yameen. But Yameen, President of Maldives, refused to follow the orders of the Supreme Court, and hence political crises have arisen in the Maldives. Now the state of emergency has been declared in the Maldives for 15days. Abdulla Yameen flouts to follow the orders of parliament because reinstated 12 MPs means the opposition has the majority in the parliament.


Key Highlights:

- President Yameen is arresting all leaders from the opposition.

- 15 days emergency has been declared

- US and UK Issue statements, ask president Yameen to abide by rule of law and end the state of emergency.


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