Kapil Sharma's Twitter rantings goes to extreme levels

The famous Indian comedian and superstar Kapil Sharma’s name is again in the media and social networks. It is not because of his comedy or any upcoming project. This time it's about his behavior and some disturbing tweets. This time Kapil Sharma has indulged in yet another controversy that erupted from well-known platform Twitter.

He posted some tweets in the start that were supporting Salman Khan regarding the blackbuck poaching case. But very soon his tweets turned into a battleground of Indian tweeps and Kapil. He replied and tweeted some very disturbing tweets which contained shameful words that would cause rage in anyone to the extremes.

It was not at all problematic when he tweeted and shared his views which were directed towards supporting Salman Khan. But very soon the fans replied and criticised his tweets and Kapil Sharma lost his control. He fell down to the extremities of language and dignity by replying the critics by verbally abusing them and saying extremely foul words. After a tweet, soon he turned and blamed media for spreading negative news and alleged him for defaming. He claimed in the same tweet that the media is paid. He targetted spotboy's editor Vicky Lalwani and used shameful words.

As soon as he left these tweets, Kapil Sharma’s twitter fanbase and other Indian Twitter users took the turn towards his tweets and eventually the Indian social media drifted towards this matter. Many people tried to calm him down via their tweets and analyze whether the account was hacked or Kapil Sharma was boozed. But this all went in vain and he blasted off towards the common Indian twitter users.

It seems that Kapil Sharma was trying to display that the media is constantly trying to defame him and vanish his name and fame which he earned by lots of hard work. When the situation was going out of control, all these tweets from his account were deleted and after some time another tweet came in which he apologized for the inconvenience and also claimed that his account was hacked.

But this melodrama didn’t end here. Another tweet came in which Kapil wrote that those tweets were deleted by his team and that whatever he wrote was his genuine feelings. And in this tweet, he again targetted spotboy's editor Vicky Lalwani. Later on, the comedian filed a police case against Vicky Lalwani, Preeti Simoes and Neeti Simoes (his former managers). Kapil Sharma recently came into highlights when he fought with Sunil Grover on twitter. Apart from this, he has been fighting with other co-stars too and his name was seen in controversies. This behavior shows that something’s not right. His ex-girlfriend Preeti Simoes claimed that Kapil Sharma is going insane and suicidal and he should be taken care of. All this news directs us to a question that is Kapil Sharma’s career coming to an end? Is he suffering from depression? Whatever may be the reason, let us hope that his charming superstar who was known for spreading smiles comes on track again and will entertain us the same way he used to.

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