Food Garage: Top Class Dhaba at 20 min drive from Murthal to celebrate your events!

Amidst innumerable dhabas and restaurant that are the cheery on the cake for the highway lane stretching from Delhi to Punjab, Food Garage stands out amongst them. It is not a regular dhaba but a theme-based startup owned and managed by young gentlemen with passion for food. Food Garage is a new-age dhaba cum restaurant serving the taste of all generations states cast and creed.

The authentic pleasure and rich ecstasy are a small part of the welcome vibes that one feels with a distant look and close visit to this dhaba at murthal. The vintage car at the periphery and the garage tinted interior decorations with intricacies of bikes, tyres, scraps and retro look make the place unique. Food Garage interiors give you a feeling of rawness, a feeling of youth.

With snooker and pool, one can hang around this place for hours without feeling dull or bored. Snooker and Pool at a dhaba in Murthal? GO check it out yourself! Not only this, it also has special kids zone, fun games for children such as kickball, jumping rope and much more. Food Garage caters to the likes and desires of enjoyment of each one and therefore has undoubtedly become the most famous dhaba at murthal.

The multi-cuisine restaurant menu offers you everything from a Punjabi favorite recipe to the chat bazaar, north-indian to south Indian and much more. Fusion recipes are unique to Food Garage. This uniqueness distinguishes Food Garage from other regular dhabas at Murthal. Food Garage has both open cafe and fine dining for its visitors. This dhabha at murthal provides you comfortable seating, hygiene and service that is unmatchable! The staff makes it a point to please every guest not only with the food but also the warmth with which they serve the guests. Among various other special features, Food Garage also has live kitchen and well-trained staff. The manager himself personally supervises everything and takes suggestions from guests to make food garage even better. More than 2 lakhs + guests visits and more than 600 party celebrations are the testimonials of the worth and happiness that people attain with their visit to this dhabha at murthal.

Food Garage is the best venue for all your occasions. Theme based destination parties are one of the hot shot attractions of Food Garage. They make special moments more special through the concept of theme based destination birthday parties. Food Garage serves as the venue for birthday party, Diwali celebration, Christmas parties, dance party and many more. This dhaba in murthal is the best theme-based party venue. So if you are looking for some lip-smacking dishes and great ambience, Food Garage is the best place to go to. This dhaba in Murthal will never disappoint you. Visit Food Garage right away.

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