Facebook Data Leak Scandal: Privacy of 2 Billion users on stake!

The most popular social network around the world, Facebook is involved in an unfortunate controversy cum scandal. Facebook has leaked users’ private and sensitive data to external entities.

A few days before estimations were made about the number of users whose data has been leaked. Facebook accepted this number to be 87 million and another one claimed 50 million. But experts say that humongous number of users and their data has been compromised and this number can reach up to 2 Billion. The most affected users are from Australia, USA, UK, India, Japan, and Vietnam.

This data leak made the world question about the security of users on Facebook and the role of Mark Zuckerberg in this scandal. After this, all the major firms and organizations have adviced the users not to upload personal information over this social platform and make the most use of the privacy features like the audience who can see and related features on Facebook.

Facebook admitted that they also use the data obtained by Facebook and migrate it towards the Instagram and WhatsApp (these two apps are also owned by Mark Zuckerberg).

Indonesian Communication Minister Mr. Rudiantra warned that if he will feel the need of closing down Facebook in Indonesia, he might take that step. He warned the Head of Facebook’s public policy in Indonesia to take essential steps to protect users from this data leak scandal. According to Indonesian Law, the guilty have to face 12 years of imprisonment and a penalty of 876,000 USD. It should be noted that one-third of Facebook’s users are from Asia and majority of the users affected by this massive data leak are Asians.

This data leak has affected the users on the global level and Facebook officials are facing a lot of criticism from the users all around the world. This may decrease the company’s Asian user base which accounts for one-third of users.

Facebook has announced that the 2.2 billion users will be notified about the data leak and give the information about what they have shared with other applications.

According to TechCrunch and several sources, it is reported that the messages sent by Mark Zuckerberg were deleted from the chats while those sent via the users were the same. This shows that Facebook has such ability which the users are not aware of. This is indeed unequal distribution of rights and indirect dictatorship.

Quite a while ago, Zuckerberg’s messages got him into trouble. One such message regarding the personal user data goes as:

People just submitted it ... I don’t know why ... they ‘trust me’ ... dumb f**ks”

The data leak made the world news and all the social media platforms to revolt against Facebook and its authorities. Recently, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla deleted official pages of his firms from Facebook.

The lesson that we can learn is to minimize the data that we share to the public and the social media domains as it can easily be compromised without notice. The government can also implement some laws considering the data leak scandal that will strengthen the IT Laws which take care of user privacy and data protection.

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