Exam Pressure hits Students: 10 lakh students forget to appear for UP Board Exams

All of us are scared of exams but the students of the UP Board has taken this phenomenon to a next level altogether. In the last four days, at least 10 lakhs students have decided to skip the exams. This sharp dip in the numbers was explained by Yogi, CM of UP as students getting panic attacks resulting in their refusal to sit for the Boards.

According to the saffron-clad CM, the laws which were imposed in order to conduct a cheating free exams have worked in an oppugnant manner against the exam system, the low student participation has again desanctified the system.

The CM suggested that the government should make the exams more simple and easy. Also, the parents instead of introducing formidable rules should create a conducive environment which will set the idea among students that the tests are not a difficult challenge but a daily routine thing. Yogi went on to give the example of annual pilgrimage Kanwar Yatra. He mentioned that this event was conducted in a smooth way because there were no strict rules to impede the walk. The incident narrated by him involved him talking about officials who were hesitating about using mics and conches in some sensitive areas and how he convinced the officers to conduct the event through those areas only and asked them to inspire the people living in the sensitive places.

Also Adityanath Yogi said that the book ‘Exam Warriors’, its Hindi edition by PM Modi will also help the students to cope with the exam pressure.


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