Ever thought about what an internationally accepted degree certificate can get you? No? Then have a glance!

After completing the graduation, having a university level degree in hand and having a good knowledge of work, most of the people doesn’t get that much paid which they should be actually paid. It is neither the person’s mistake nor the company’s fault. A single degree in a CV won’t work these days there are thousands of applicants for a single job. Then what should one do?

Clearly, a person who is specialised in a branch will be more preferred than the others. So how to attain the specialisation? American Academy of Financial Manager, AAFM, brings you the opportunity for the same.The American Academy of Financial Management TM is the international professional organization for Wealth Managers, Private Bankers, Portfolio Managers, Investment Advisors, Asset Managers, Project Manager and Trust and Estate Practitioners Worldwide.

American Academy of Financial Management India Private Limited., (AAFM India) was set up with an objective to promote Financial Advisory & Wealth Management in the country. AAFM India is responsible for establishing Curriculum Design, Certification of membership and licensing standards in India.

The main role of AAFM is to award international certifications in finance, offer global finance courses like the Chartered Wealth Manager Certification (CWM) and other designations, which are delivered as per global standards in partnership with associate organizations worldwide. AAFM India programs combine state-of-the-art knowledge and skills in wealth management, private banking, family office management, financial and equity analysis with practical experience and insights into the functioning of the financial sector. All AAFM India certifications and education events have an intense and pragmatic curriculum.


For more details, visit www.aafmindia.co.in

AAFM offers many certifications which includes Chartered Wealth Manager (CWM), Accredited Financial Analyst (AFA), Chartered Trust and Estate planner (CTEP), Chartered Financial Growth Manager(CFGM), Chartered Real Estate Professional (CREP), Associate Wealth Manager (AWM), and many more internationally accepted certifications. AAFM India appoints Authorized Education Providers to deliver and impart training for CWMTM certification program across the country. The role of the authorized education provider is to impart training and provide support to the candidates pursuing the certification, enabling the candidates both professionals and students to be prepared for different levels of examination and become CWMTM certified. The candidates needs to undergo the study of CWMTM certification program curriculum offered by an Authorized Education Provider through Distance learning or Class room intervention. AAFM India establishes educational standards, on basis of industry standards & job analysis in order to educate prospective Financial Advisors & Wealth Managers, as well as the criteria of the selection of Training Partners, which assures efficient Financial Advisory & Wealth Management education and training. So go for it. A little more hard work and effort can bring you much more happiness in your life.

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