Don't Roam on Campus on Valentine's Day: Lucknow University's Bizarre V-Day warning

Lucknow University administration has issued an advisory to its students to not to roam inside the premises of the university on Valentine's Day, Wednesday, February 14. Lucknow University threatened students with disciplinary action if they enter campus.  

 "In recent years it has been seen that influenced by western culture, young people celebrate February 14 as Valentine's Day. But students are informed that tomorrow is a holiday at the University for Mahashivratri." an advisory issued by Lucknow University Proctor Vinod Singh said.

There will be no classes, no exams and no cultural programmes on campus and under no circumstances should students be seen on the premises.

The reported advisory, issued by the university, also asked the parents not to send their children to the university campus on 14 February. It said that ‘anyone found to be sitting or roaming around the campus’ will face disciplinary actions.

In 2009, the university had hit media headlines after it banned students from carrying flowers and bouquets on Valentine’s Day.


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