Delhi man kills wife, hide body in box , police discovers it 11 days later.

A physiotherapist of 26 years old became a murderer after choking his wife to death and putting the body inside a bed box carefully wrapping in the quilt. Aware of the state of a body’s decay, the murderer committed the crime in winter to provide himself enough time.


The murderer Suresh Singh was arrested by a team of Delhi police. He was a son of a retired subedar major from Assam Rifles and a native of the Dehradun. The accused was said to be a student of physiotherapy who had completed a four and a half year degree course in physiotherapy(BSc.) from Sai Institute in Dehradun and an internship from Escorts Hospital in Delhi.


It was revealed that Maria Massey, Suresh’s wife was murdered owing to her constant pressure to meet his family. Suresh met Maria on Facebook, both residents of Uttarakhand. They became good friends and Suresh offered Maria a helping hand in getting a job in Dehradun. Being separated from her husband, Suresh and Maria began living together from 2013.


Suresh married Maria in secret in a temple after deliberate pressure from her. However, Maria didn't know Suresh was already married to a woman in his native place name Lata. As both came to know, he was pressurised to choose between the two.


The police declared that as a physiotherapist, Suresh knew the human body very well and the time required for its decomposition. He devised a plan to murder Maria and waited for winter. Before murdering, he brought Maria to Delhi. They took a rented flat in Southeast Delhi in Tughlakabad. Suresh smothered her on January 11 and put her body in a quilt and bundled it in a red box. After murdering he escaped by locking the door from outside. After 17 days, the murder came to light when the ex-husband of Maria, Usman received a call on January 28 from Maria’s brother inquiring about her. According to the police, Usman was aware of Suresh’s double marriages. Usman went to check on the whereabouts of Maria and saw the door locked. Suresh didn't answer the calls from him but instead texted him that he was in Bengaluru with Maria.


Growing suspicious, Usman broke the door on January 29 and found the decomposed dead body. Soon the police were informed and a search for Suresh was begun. A team arrested Suresh in a village near his home. He was planning to flee to Nepal.

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