CRISTIANO RONALDO TURNS 33…quality is more important than quantity !!

Cristiano Ronaldo will celebrate his 33rd birthday on Monday with pride and honour as he looks back towards his productive 12 months plus a decade full of achievements in his kitty. This period has taken him to the top of the game.

Many questions were asked about till how long his success will last but despite recent speculations and frustrations, Ronaldo did pretty well at 32.

Ronaldo got hold of five trophies, with the Champions League, La Liga and the FIFA Club World Cup, while individually he won fifth Ballon d'Or, as well as the FIFA Best Player and UEFA player of the year also.

Ronaldo should with ease relax and look back at all the achievements he has done and the progress he has got in his game. He has scored 100 goals in 287 competitive games for Sporting Lisbon, Manchester United and Portugal before Feb 2008.

When Ronaldo was 24, he scored 30 goals in 56 games alongside winning his first Champions League trophy also. He finished as the top scorer for the first time and was declared UEFA Club Footballer of the year.

Before turning 27, Ronaldo had easily scored 213 goals in 471 games for his club and country, after that the following year only saw his achievements and success. He also won his first Liga title during this year.

At 28 Ronaldo collected only one big trophy, his second Ballon d'Or. But his efforts for pushing Portugal to the World Cup definitely paid off.
At 29, Ronaldo again played fewer games but his goals per game ratio moved to 58 goals in 53 matches. These stats became even more impressive as he scored  37 goals in 27 Liga games, 13 in 12 games in the Champions League. He also saw a high in his career when he witnessed the opening of his personal museum in his home island of Madeira, Ronaldo has improved and experimented with his game a lot which sees him moving from the left wing to become a penalty-box predator. He also took the advice of his supporters and takes rest from time to time and we saw this recently when he was substituted on last Saturday's 2-2 Liga draw at Levante.

At the age of 32, after playing 57 times, he now equals his best-ever trophy haul of eight. But there is a constant focus on Ronaldo’s game and his goals per game ratio. But as he turns 33, what we most care about is the time where he keeps winning trophies and keeps showing us an amazing display of his field techniques.

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